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We the People

The Georgia Historical Society presents an in-school presentation called We the People , based on the 2019 Georgia History Festival theme: The United States Constitution: Ensuring Liberty and Justice for All. This program is aligned to the Georgia Standards for Excellence and appropriate for grades 5-12.

The focus of the presentation centers on student exploration of what it means to be a United States Citizen. Students will explore the following topics:

  • differences between primary and secondary sources
  • identifying the three branches of government
  • determining the rights and responsibilities of U.S. Citizens
  • understanding Due Process

The goals of the presentation are to have students become familiar with archives and gain a better understanding of the rights and responsibilities of being a United States Citizen through analysis of differing forms of primary sources.

If you are interested in an in-school presentation please contact GHS Education Coordinator Lisa Landers at or (912) 651.2125, ext. 152.


Georgia C3 Inquiries

The 2018-2019 Georgia History Festival theme “The U.S. Constitution: Ensuring Liberty and Justice for All,” will highlight Georgia stories that illustrate topics related to drafting, amending, and interpreting the U.S. Constitution throughout our nation’s history. Check out these new inquiries based on the Nation’s founding documents from the Georgia Historical Society.

Georgia C3 Hub

Judicial Branch Inquiry

Executive Branch Inquiry

The Legislative Branch Inquiry

Balancing Liberty with Security Inquiry

Representative Democracy in the state of Georgia

Oaths of Office Inquiry

The Fourteenth Amendment and School Desegregation

Primary Source Sets for Georgia History

Explore new primary source sets created for the 2017-2018 school year. The primary source sets are designed to help promote historical inquiry in the classroom by providing access to primary sources aligned to the Eighth Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies. Teacher guides for each set include important historical background and context for each primary source along with suggested secondary sources and links to additional online materials related to the topic. Visit the Opening America's Archives website! 

Journeying James

Download and print out a coloring page for your students of Journeying James Oglethorpe! Show us their creations by sending us a photo, or tag Georgia Historical Society on social media. And check out the newly-enhanced Oglethorpe resources on

Journeying James (pdf)


From guest posts providing insight into the Festival theme to the already popular Marker Monday series, community members will be invited to join the conversation and share GHS posts with their online networks. The blog will also serve as the hub for news about GHF events and messages from friends and supporters. Written for a general audience, these blog posts would make great informational texts to promote literacy across the curriculum.

Georgia History Festival Blog

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Hello. Are you a parent or teacher with questions about participation in the Georgia History Festival? Please contact me at or 912.651.2125, ext. 152.
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