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The Trustees Gala

The Office of the Governor and the Georgia Historical Society (GHS) named David Abney and Juanita Baranco the 2021 Georgia Trustees, the highest honor the State of Georgia can bestow. Their induction was broadcast on June 5, 2021. Watch their induction on the GHS YouTube Channel.

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The Georgia Trustees

In conjunction with the Governor’s Office, the Georgia Historical Society reestablished the Georgia Trustees as a way of recognizing Georgians whose accomplishments and community service reflect the highest ideals of the founding body of Trustees. The original Georgia Trustees, a governing body chartered and appointed by His Majesty King George II of England in 1732 to establish a new colony in North America, founded Georgia upon the principle of Non Sibi, Sed Aliis, “Not for Self but for Others.” GHS and the Governor’s Office reestablished the Trustees in 2008. The Governor annually appoints new Trustees whose history-making accomplishments and service reflect the original Trustees’ ideals.


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Non Sibi, Sed Aliis

Not for Self, But for Others

Georgia Day Parade

February 12, 2021

Tear Down This Wall: Georgia in Cold War America

From virtual and in-person programs and events for the public, to new classroom resources and training opportunities for teachers, GHS will examine some of the most significant events, people, and movements of the second half of the twentieth century as we mark the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Cold War. With the rise of mass media and television, the late 20th century was characterized by ideological competitions that were carried out locally, nationally, and internationally, including the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and the Space Race.

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