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Women’s Suffrage at 100:
The 19th Amendment and Georgia History

From public programs, events, and activities to new classroom resources, in-school programming, and training opportunities for teachers, GHS will explore the legacy of women’s suffrage in Georgia and the United States in commemoration of the struggle to pass the 19th Amendment in which women won the right to vote 100 years ago.

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Primary Source Exploration for Elementary Classrooms

The “Finding My Voice” educational resources are inquiry-based, primary source activities suitable for elementary students as young as 2nd grade. The resources are classroom-ready and available online for free. The resources include a teacher guide, primary source sets, and elementary-friendly strategies to help teach the context necessary for students to explore the process of developing points of view, exercising civic rights, and examining how the women’s suffrage movement inspired later movements like the Civil Rights Movement. Utilizing sources related to women’s suffrage, students are challenged to complete engaging activities that will also allow them to explore the ways in which the woman’s suffrage movement impacts their lives today.

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Official Program, Woman Suffrage Procession. Library of Congress.

Download the resources at the following links:

“Winning the Vote: Women’s Suffrage in Georgia” Project Box

The “Winning the Vote: Women’s Suffrage in Georgia” inquiry project box features engaging activities for primary source exploration highlighting sources from the New South era and the women’s suffrage movement. The inquiry kit includes a detailed teacher’s guide and high-resolution, color reproductions of primary source material aligned with the 8th grade Georgia Standards of Excellence. Project boxes will be made available upon request to a limited number of classrooms statewide thanks to a grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation. All materials available in the project box can be downloaded for classroom use at the following links.


From guest posts providing insight into the Festival theme to the already popular Marker Monday series, community members will be invited to join the conversation and share GHS posts with their online networks. The blog will also serve as the hub for news about GHF events and messages from friends and supporters. Written for a general audience, these blog posts would make great informational texts to promote literacy across the curriculum.


Georgia History Festival Blog


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Georgia C3 Inquiries

See the information above about our all-new C3 Inquiry-Kit exploring the question: How has the fight for women’s suffrage impacted Georgia?

An archive of GHS C3 inquiries can be found on the GHS website.

Learn more about C3 Inquiries on the
C3 Teachers website.

Georgia Historical Society In-School Presentations

Research Roundup:
Breaking Barriers in History

National History Day at GHS

As part of the Georgia History Festival, the Georgia Historical Society will offer a limited number of FREE one-hour in-school programs for local schools, teachers, and students. In-school presentations are delivered on location, at the school by GHS education staff. Programs must be scheduled ahead of time via online registration.

Based on the 2020 National History Day (NHD) theme Breaking Barriers in History, this unique programming focuses on the steps necessary for historical research and completing a successful NHD or other historical research project. Utilizing relevant information and engaging activities, these programs introduce students to the work of historical archives—particularly digitized resources—and demystify the process of identifying and using historical evidence.

The GHS “Research Roundup” in-school programs are a part of National History Day Georgia’s “Research Roundup” program taking place across the state in honor of Georgia Archives Month. National History Day Georgia is a program of Georgia Humanities and LaGrange College. Groups with students working on NHD projects are encouraged to register, but all are welcome!

In-School Presentation Registration

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Primary Source Sets for Georgia History

Explore new primary source sets created for the 2017-2018 school year. The primary source sets are designed to help promote historical inquiry in the classroom by providing access to primary sources aligned to the Eighth Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies. Teacher guides for each set include important historical background and context for each primary source along with suggested secondary sources and links to additional online materials related to the topic. Visit the Opening America's Archives website! 

Journeying James

Download and print out a coloring page for your students of Journeying James Oglethorpe! Show us their creations by sending us a photo, or tag Georgia Historical Society on social media. And check out the newly-enhanced Oglethorpe resources on

Journeying James (pdf)

The 2020 Georgia Day Parade

As part of the annual commemoration of the founding of the Georgia colony by James Edward Oglethorpe, a tradition dating back to the earliest years of the colony’s founding, students, local dignitaries, musicians, and costumed performers will march through Savannah’s historic squares.


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Online registration for the 2020 Georgia Day Parade is now closed. Please contact GHS Education Coordinator Lisa Landers at or 912.651.2125, ext. 152 with any questions.

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