About the 2023-2024 Georgia History Festival

The Georgia History Festival is the signature K-12 educational program of the Georgia Historical Society, reaching hundreds of thousands of students statewide. Beginning with the new school year in September, a variety of public programs, exhibits, events, and educational resources bring history to life for students of all ages and encourage Georgians to explore the richness and diversity of our state’s past. In addition to new online and in-person programming, the Festival includes popular annual events like the Colonial Faire and Muster living-history program held at Wormsloe State Historic Site, Savannah’s Georgia Day Parade, and the elegant Trustees Gala.

Governing Georgia Across Three Centuries

Each year, GHS selects a significant topic in Georgia’s history as the focus of the Festival’s educational programs and resources. The 2023-2024 focus of study will be, Governing Georgia Across Three Centuries.

From online and in-person programs and events for the public to new classroom resources and training opportunities for teachers, the 2023-2024 Georgia History Festival will explore three centuries of self-governance in Georgia. Although Georgians have been governing themselves since 1733, the structure, leadership, and tenets of government have been debated and changed many times.

This focus of study, aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence, will support students’ understanding of the history and legacy of Georgia’s government and examine the impact of those who have governed, and the people’s power to shape, expand, and strengthen democracy over time.

View the official Georgia History Festival brochure.