Constitution Day Educational Resources

Abraham Baldwin and Draft of 1787 US Constitution

Get to know Abraham Baldwin, one of Georgia’s signers of the United States Constitution. In this GHS Schoolhouse video, join Dr. Stan Deaton to learn more about this fascinating figure from Georgia’s past.

Learn about Abraham Baldwin's time as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and review his personal notes in the margins of Baldwin’s draft copy of the Constitution, available in the GHS Research Center.

C3 Inquiries

Check out these C3 inquiries from the Georgia Historical Society based on the America’s founding documents.

Inquiry-based learning activities tap into student curiosity by emphasizing that students ask their own questions. GHS inquiries are based on the Inquiry Design Model(IDM) from the C3 Framework for the Social Studies.  In 2018, GHS  created seven inquiry-based learning activities based on the articles of the United States Constitution featuring primary sources with a Georgia focus:

GHS Schoolhouse

Stan Deaton, The Dr. Elaine B. Andrews Distinguished Historian, analyzes a letter written by Lachlan McIntosh in 1787. In the letter, McIntosh gives his opinion of the newly-created Constitution. Through his analysis of this primary source, Dr. Deaton gives us a glimpse into how Georgians reacted to the United States Constitution.

Get your students excited about Constitution Day with Stan Deaton, Emmy-award winning host of Today in Georgia History, as he delivers his top ten reasons for studying the United States Constitution.

Join Dr. Deaton to learn about the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Get insight into the people and circumstances surrounding the creation of the most important document in American history.

Today in Georgia History

Georgia Ratifies the U.S. Constitution:

William Few:

Abraham Baldwin:


William Few, signer of the U.S. Constitution: