Funk Heritage Center

SMS Spotlight: Funk Heritage Center

Join us for Super Museum Sunday on February 7, 2016, featuring free admission to many museums and other cultural sites throughout Georgia!

The mission of Reinhardt University’s Funk Heritage Center is to tell the story of the early Appalachian Settlers and Southeastern Indians through educational programming and the collection, care and exhibition of art and artifacts.

The Center’s Bennett History Museum provides detailed historical information about the Southeastern Indians who lived in Georgia, telling their story through artifacts, dioramas, maps and interactive computer programs. The Museum also includes a film, maps, timeline, and information documenting the Trail of Tears. Contemporary Native American artwork, including paintings, baskets, sculpture and pottery is on display in the Museum’s galleries.

The Center’s Appalachian Settlement, open for special events and school visits, gives visitors a picture of what life was like in northwestern Georgia in the mid-1800s. The settlement includes pioneer log cabins, a blacksmith shop and farm buildings.

Visit the Funk Heritage Center’s website to plan your visit.