Geechee Kunda

SMS Spotlight: Geechee Kunda

Join us for Super Museum Sunday on February 7, 2016, featuring free admission to many museums and other cultural sites throughout Georgia!

Today’s Super Museum Sunday spotlight shines on Geechee Kunda. Located in Riceboro, on a former rice and indigo plantation, Geechee Kunda focuses on preserving African culture in the United States.

The museum offers many permanent and rotating exhibits. It also offers workshops, demonstrations, and lectures on a broad range of traditional and innovative topics. Besides being a living history museum, Geechee Kunda houses many pieces of art, textiles, and artifacts that range from the 1700s to the 1900s.

Learn more about the Geechee Kunda by visiting their website, and tour the site when you visit Sunday, February 7 as part of the Georgia History Festival’s Super Museum Sunday (SMS).

Above photo: Courtesy of Geechee Kunda