Super Museum Sunday Spotlight: Foxfire Museum and Appalachian Heritage Center

Photo courtesy of the Foxfire Museum and Appalachian Heritage Center

The Foxfire Museum and Appalachian Heritage Center in Mountain City, GA, will join the Georgia Historical society and over one hundred other museums and historical sites within the state in celebrating the Georgia History Festival by participating in Super Museum Sunday on February 11, 2024.

Foxfire is spread across over 20 historic log buildings within an eight-acre outdoor village. Each building contains artifacts that represent daily life in the Appalachian mountains from 1820 to 1940. The site tour consists of a half mile walking trail through the village with interpretive signs throughout the area to guide visitors through the stories of the people and culture that made up the region.

The village is home to several interpreters who demonstrate traditional skills, including blacksmithing, weaving, music, and art, that played a role in everyday life. Visitors may encounter different interpreters based on the day of the week or season. These interpreters offer special events and classes on a regular basis, with schedules available on the Foxfire website.

In addition to the village the museum also houses the Foxfire Archive, which contains over 50 years of oral history along with images, videos, and documentation. The Foxfire organization maintains a backlog of the bestselling Foxfire books and magazines which, alongside handmade products and branded goods, are available through the museum’s online gift shop.

The museum is located at 98 Foxfire Ln, Mountain City, GA 30562, less than five miles from Black Rock Mountain State Park and a two-hour drive from Atlanta. From Noon to Four on Sunday, February 11th visitors can enjoy free entry and a tour of the museum.

For more information on the Foxfire Museum, visit their website, Discover Foxfire – Foxfire.

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