Super Museum Sunday Spotlight: Georgia Southern University Museum

Photo courtesy of Elyse Butler

The Georgia Southern University Museum in Statesboro, GA, will join the Georgia Historical Society and over one hundred other museums and historical sites across the state in celebrating the Georgia History Festival and participating in Super Museum Sunday on February 11, 2024.  The Museum consists of three galleries and connected exhibits throughout Statesboro, each exploring a different aspect of Georgia History. All galleries and exhibits will be open to the public with free admission during the event.

The main museum building holds the three main galleries. The Delma and Beverly Presley Gallery contains the Uncharted Worlds exhibit, featuring the Natural History of Georgia’s Coastal Plain, featuring a 26-foot-long mosasaur and the oldest whale fossil found in North America.  The Jack and Addie D. Averitt Gallery houses the Charted worlds exhibit, tracing the human history of the coastal plain. The Changing Exhibit Gallery features new exhibits representing the projects that various schools at Georgia Southern are presenting, visitors can check the GSU website to check on the current exhibit.

Beyond the three main Galleries, the museum hosts a series of exhibits around Statesboro. The Museum on Main, located at 222 S. Main Street displays an annually changing exhibit developed by graduate students. The Nessmith-Lane Center, at 847 Plant Drive, traces the history of the University since 1906. The Bulloch County Annex at 115 North Main Street holds a permanent exhibit on Bulloch County’s involvement in U.S conflicts.

All galleries and associated exhibits will be open with free admission from 2pm to 5pm on February 11, 2024. Visit the Georgia Southern Museum / Georgia Southern University website for more information on the exhibits, and check here for information on campus parking.

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