Super Museum Sunday Spotlight: Wright Hotel Museum

Photo from the Whitfield Murray Historical Society

The Wright Hotel Museum in Chatsworth, GA, will Join the Georgia Historical Society and more than one hundred other museums and historical sites throughout the state in celebration of the Georgia History Festival by participating in Super Museum Sunday on February 11, 2024.

The Wright Hotel first opened in 1909, as the private business and family home of Thomas Wright and his family. The hotel was a thriving business in the first half of the 20th century, drawing distinguished guests from the surrounding community and beyond. The hotel stayed in the wright family until Kate Raine, the last living daughter of Thomas Wright, passed on in 1986.

After Mrs. Raine’s death, the hotel was left to the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society with the promise that the site would be maintained and preserved in its original condition. The historical society now operates the hotel as a public museum, displaying historic artifacts and memorabilia related to the Hotel and the Wright family. Highlights of the museum include original furniture, Native American pottery, and nursing artifacts once used by Mrs. Raine during her work at Native reservations.

In addition to the Wright Hotel, the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society operates the Hamilton House, Blunt House, Huff House, Old Spring Place Methodist Church, and the Old Chatsworth Depot in Dalton and Chatsworth. Each of these museums is participating in Super Museum Sunday, so visitors have a range of sites in the area to choose from.

The museum is located at 201 East Market Street, Chatsworth, GA 30705. From 1 to 4 on Sunday, February 11th visitors can enjoy free admission to the museum. Limited street parking is available in front of the hotel.

For more information about the Wright Hotel Museum and the Whitfield Murray Historical Society, visit the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society website.

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